Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Dance!

2007 will be the year of ornaments. I am still working on my model, Project X but I try to break up my time by stitching and/or finishing some ornies. The goal is to have some ornaments ready for Christmas 2007 as well as have some other seasonal ornies. I finished this freebie from Clioratha for St. Patrick's Day. I chose not to do the backstitching/outline in her design. It was stitched using DMC variegated floss 125. Its now hanging on my wall at work. :)

In other news, the baby has been kicking like crazy. Last night was a little tough. I had heartburn, both legs cramped up and my little alien was trying to stretch out. There is NOT enough space in me for her to do that. That didn't stop her from trying though. I'm not really complaining. These are minor discomforts, I actually feel relief when I feel her kick.

I am now big enough that pants are no longer as comfy as they used to be. I bought bigger pants, but the waistband just cuts my pelvis wrong when I sit. I have been lounging in the house wearing a pretty dress T picked out. I *cannot* wait for it to get warm enough to actually wear dresses outside.

As for cravings, I didn't have any today. We went to Perkins again but I didn't get a strawberry waffle. I just didn't feel like it. And I didn't eat as much as last time either.

Noreen, T thinks I'm insane too. I haven't craved for green mangoes but I do want to go to the Asian grocery store and get a jar of bagoong. :) I'm thinking of making binagoong baboy. I don't think my co-workers will be too happy when I bring that in for lunch. I better remember to bring a candle to light in the lunchroom. I don't think T will be happy with how the house will smell when I make it. LOL.


Karin said...

I saw this on Clithoria's blog - you did a great job stitching it! Congrats!

sugardoll said...

Very nice ornie, we love green! =)

You should eat what you want, I could swear I fry alot of dried fish that hubby doesn't complain anymore. heheh