Monday, August 29, 2005

No Church Window Update Today

*taps microphone* Hello? Is this on? Testing one, two, three.

I finally decided to start blogging. It will be a great way to track my stitching progress. I used to write everything down, but then I'd forget where I wrote what down. Now, everything will be in one place. :)

I told myself that I would *try* and work only on Michael Powell's Church Window until it was done. Oops. I worked on a project by Cross Eyed Kat instead. This is called Wanna Trade?

I started it Monday night and finished it on Thursday night, stitching only a few hours each night. The details are really good for something really small. The stitch count is only 37x38.

I didn't really get to stitch after finishing this project. This weekend was spent hanging out. FIL came over on Saturday. That was really fun. We drove around town (saw a park that has a public pool!) and went shopping. That night, we built the hutch for DH's desk and watched the Inuyasha movie. I fell asleep in the middle so I will have to watch it again. Thank you Tivo!Sunday was spent just hanging out. I built the shelving unit for our bathroom and DH built my desk.

I now have my own cozy space. :) I absolutely love it. It needs paint and lots of arranging, but I love it. I will be getting a new bookcase sometime next month so all my cross stitch stuff will have a new home.