Saturday, October 29, 2005

Yeah baby!

Tonight was bowling night and I just scored 126 in game #2 (we play 3 games). It's my best score ever. I got 2 strikes too. I'm very happy. I started playing with a 6lb ball and tonight I used an 8 lb ball and a 10 lb ball. I have more control over the 8 lb ball, but the 10 does good damage. ;) DH wants to go bowling again tomorrow. I can't wait! Who knew I would get this excited about bowling? I can't believe how much I've improved. My average 2 weeks ago was 70. I only scored 80 something (I think) on the last game, but I broke 100 twice. :)

In stitching news, my super secret project is coming along beautifully! I really love working on it. I can't believe how much I've done already. I can't wait until I can show pics.
I'm going to work a little bit on my poor neglected Celtic Banner tomorrow. I'm almost done with it. I think I've done about 75% of the project. I'll take pics tomorrow.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

What's next?

I already started working on my next project. I absolutely love it. I am having lots of fun and its coming along nicely. I started working on it on Wednesday, October 19th. Unfotunately, this is a secret project so there won't be any progress pics. :( I'm not too happy about that part. I love my progress pics. Hehe. I think I'm going to have to work on another project (maybe a couple of nights a week) just so I have pics to share. :)

In other news, MIL will be visiting us tomorrow. We're also going bowling. Yay! I can't wait. DH and I are on a bowling league and I would really like to improve my game. We've gone to 2 bowling nights already. The 1st night was bad. I got really tired and my hand hurt a lot. The 2nd time was much better. My game was consistent (we play 3 games/night) and nothing hurt. Now its just a matter of getting better and stronger so I can use a heavier ball. A 6lb ball doesn't really do much. I'll be happy if I can bowl with an 8lb ball for the whole night without hurting myself.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

YAY me!!!

Yay!!!!!! Its finally done! I finished the backstitching last night. The backstitching took forever. I was not able to stitch one bit last week. It was very upseting to be this close to finishing and then not being able to. But here it is! Its finally done! I absolutely love it. :)
I used up 2 skeins of the blue for the sky. If you're stitching this, make sure you have 3 skeins. I was going through my ort jar at the end to finish the sky. I also used up 3 skeins of white. Buy 4 just to be safe. I used DMC B5200 instead of the Anchor white.
I got the chart from Cross Stitch Collection issue #114 (February 2005). There are a couple of errors in the chart. The first one I should have noticed, but I kept on backstitching without bothering to double check with the finished picture.

Obviously the backstitching should be on the edge of the "brick". But silly me didn't think of that until way after I was done stitching that area and frankly, I didn't want to deal with frogging a whole section of backstitching.

The second error in the chart is this area:

The chart in the magazine didn't have the circled area backstitched. It was easy enough to spot.

Now that I'm done, this project will now join its buddy, Mini Cottages 1 in the box. :)

Friday, October 07, 2005

I'm happy dancing

No, I haven't finished Church Window as planned. I'm happy dancing because a friend who I haven't seen on line since March, finally made an appearance last night! I sent her a letter a month ago to ask how she was and she did say that she got it. Life has been very busy for her and she hasn't had time to go on line. She's doing really well and has a new baby! I am so happy for her.

In the mail, I got two RAKs. One was from U9corn Angel. She sent me Dracolair's Dragon Knot Bookmark. Its so pretty. I absolutely love it.
The 2nd one was from M. Over a year ago, I was happily clicking around a cross stitch gallery and found a project with a fox on it. I sent an email to the owner to say that the foxes were pretty and all that. A year later, she emails me and said that she would look for the chart and would happily send it to me. Yay me!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Almost there

I really, really wanted to finish this project last weekend. Unfortunately, we were very busy. I stitched for a bit on Saturday, but we had to leave at around 5 to go to Rochester for bowling night. Then Sunday was spent window shopping and hanging out. Anyway, here is the latest pic. I'm hoping that the backstitching won't take too long. I would like to finish everything by Friday night at the latest. My aunt will be arriving on Friday and I doubt if I'll be able to stitch while she's visiting.