Saturday, March 04, 2006

Coffee, Coffee and Bowling

I listened to Jo's advise and worked on Ye Olde Coffee House. I finished all the vines on the left and I just have the right side to go. I will definitely finish it this week.

I also listed to Mia and took out my poor neglected Coffee project. Unfortunately, I experimented and tried the parking method and after ignoring it for several months, I was completely lost and confused. So I decided to just junk it and start fresh. I had a piece of white dublin, so I decided to use that for Coffee. This time, instead of starting on the very predictable upper left side of the project, I started in the middle. So now, I have a nice blue/purple blob along with a nice light blue blob.

Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures.

We had bowling tonight and I did really well. My first game was so-so, but during the 2nd game, I really got the hang of it and scored 123. Its my best score yet. My 3rd game wasn't as great, but it wasn't completely horrible.
Wow! 7 comments on my previous post. I love it when people leave comments!!! Dani, I am enjoying being your stitching stalker!

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Heather said...

Sounds like you had good fun stitching, can't wait to see your piccies.