Friday, October 07, 2005

I'm happy dancing

No, I haven't finished Church Window as planned. I'm happy dancing because a friend who I haven't seen on line since March, finally made an appearance last night! I sent her a letter a month ago to ask how she was and she did say that she got it. Life has been very busy for her and she hasn't had time to go on line. She's doing really well and has a new baby! I am so happy for her.

In the mail, I got two RAKs. One was from U9corn Angel. She sent me Dracolair's Dragon Knot Bookmark. Its so pretty. I absolutely love it.
The 2nd one was from M. Over a year ago, I was happily clicking around a cross stitch gallery and found a project with a fox on it. I sent an email to the owner to say that the foxes were pretty and all that. A year later, she emails me and said that she would look for the chart and would happily send it to me. Yay me!

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