Tuesday, October 18, 2005

YAY me!!!

Yay!!!!!! Its finally done! I finished the backstitching last night. The backstitching took forever. I was not able to stitch one bit last week. It was very upseting to be this close to finishing and then not being able to. But here it is! Its finally done! I absolutely love it. :)
I used up 2 skeins of the blue for the sky. If you're stitching this, make sure you have 3 skeins. I was going through my ort jar at the end to finish the sky. I also used up 3 skeins of white. Buy 4 just to be safe. I used DMC B5200 instead of the Anchor white.
I got the chart from Cross Stitch Collection issue #114 (February 2005). There are a couple of errors in the chart. The first one I should have noticed, but I kept on backstitching without bothering to double check with the finished picture.

Obviously the backstitching should be on the edge of the "brick". But silly me didn't think of that until way after I was done stitching that area and frankly, I didn't want to deal with frogging a whole section of backstitching.

The second error in the chart is this area:

The chart in the magazine didn't have the circled area backstitched. It was easy enough to spot.

Now that I'm done, this project will now join its buddy, Mini Cottages 1 in the box. :)


Christine said...

Wow, that looks great, Abi!! It makes me want to stitch the freebie Michael Powell design I have.

crosseyedkat said...

Very cool, Abi! I love looking at the Michael Powell designs, just wish he'd publish in a chart format instead of a kit.

Scully said...

Abi it looks fantastic! Congratulations on your finish!