Monday, April 24, 2006

More Purple

Here is my third progress pic for Long Dog's The Token. So far, I have used up 1 bobbin + 2 skeins of floss. I've noticed that I've been a mix of floss miser and floss waster for this project. I just hate having to start over another length of floss when I only have this much to stitch and I hate it more to have to start a section with a partial length of floss. *shrugs* But that's just me.


In other news... there really is no other news. DH and I relaxed this weekend. Saturday just flew by, but Sunday was more productive. I did laundry and cleaned the den (formerly known as the dog room) a little bit. The walls were so dirty so I thought a little scrubbing with my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser would fix it. It fixed it, but it was so dirty that even though I used up an entire eraser, I still have crap on the walls. *sigh* I think it would be better to just paint the walls. BUT then again, I don't really want to invest any money or time and effort into a room that I don't know what I'll do with.

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