Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Purple Project

I didn't get as much time to stitch this week as I wanted. I've been feeling tired lately. I'm not sure why. I'm glad that I finally finished my skein of 3041 and I can take a progress pic.

I really love working on this project. Not having to worry about changing colors is very relaxing and I'm very happy with the color I picked. :)


Scully said...

It is looking lovely Abi. Congrats on the progress so far :)

Jenna said...

Join the club, Abi. DH and I have been sleeping through life for the past week or so. Maybe it's the introduction of pollen or still getting over the time change? Who knows. Your quaker sampler is looking really good, though!

mornnen said...

Hi Bellastitch--

I've had a lot of fun reading your blogs and viewing your albums of completed/works in progress. You have quite an eclectic collection.

In one of your earlier posts, you mentioned getting a Bent Creek pattern called "Fox Hollow" for your birthday. My mom saw this piece stitched in a store recently and has been talking about trying to get the pattern every since. the pattern is out of print and I am trying to get my hands on a copy so I can surprise her by stitching it for her for her birthday.
Would you be willing to make a copy of your copy and send it to me? (I'd be more than happy to reimburse you for your copy and shipping costs)