Monday, July 24, 2006

Purple Project Update

I decided to return to my Purple Project. I worked on these two motifs. I couldn't finish the one that says "A Token of Love" because it would have the date of when I actually finish the darn thing.
I really like this project, but I don't have the focus that I used to have. I used to only work on one project at a time until it was completely done. But since finding the BBs I've started to work on multiple projects at a time... sometimes even multiple projects a night!
Bent Creek's Fox Hollow and Swirly Sampler are both calling to me. I have all the materials needed for Fox Hollow, but no fabric for Swirly Sampler... at least I don't think that I have a piece big enough for the project. I'll let you know when I make my decision.


Work was absolutely insane last week. We had an emergency so I had to work on Sunday from about 1:30 pm to 7 pm. It was not fun. What was less fun was having to be at the office at 7 am the next day and working until 5:30... from Monday to Wednesday. I think I worked 36 hours and had Thursday and Friday off! Totally insane.

I was gonna talk about our recent Canadian Adventure but real life is screaming and there are a million and one chores to do. So until next time...


Christine said...

Good progress on your project, Abi! And hey, don't worry about stitching on so many projects. As long as you're enjoying them, that's the point, isn't it?

Christine said...
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Concetta said...

That's absolutely stunning! I love the colours... can't wait to see more.