Friday, July 07, 2006

Stitching but not blogging

I've been busy stitching, but haven't really been motivated enough to blog. The Purple Project is truly a Purple Monster. I got tired of stitching on it and thought that perhaps a smaller project would be finished faster and would be more encouraging. I started Dragon Dreams' Morning Fairy, but I have yet to finish it.

I am using a piece of fabric that was a RAK from Laura (Under Welkin) from The Wagon as well as Crescent Colors' Vintage Violet for the words. I was having so much fun with this project, but another RAK came in the mail and started screaming to be started. I fought it for about 2 seconds and finally started Mermaid Heaven.

This was a RAK from Lori, also from The Wagon. Yes, the lovely ladies from The Wagon spoil me like crazy. She got me the chart and the beautiful, sparkly SW fabbie.

This mermaid is so beautiful. I cannot believe how detailed she is even with all full stitches. I started stitching in the middle and basically just wandered off. Yes, the baby mermaid looks a bit freaky with just half a face, but I'm working on it.

I normally just upload the pictures on my gallery, but it has been giving me problems tonight. It won't let me upload pictures and it keeps saying that it can't create thumbnails. I have no idea how to fix it right now. So if anyone has a clue as to why its being grumpy all of a sudden, please help!

Thank you to all who posted comments! I love reading comments. :) I feel so special when somebody actually bothers to visit and leave a note. :)


Christine said...

Oh wow, Mermaid Heaven is just beautiful!!! I can't believe how detailed it is.

I like your Dragon Dreams piece, too!

Heather said...

You've done loads on Mermaid Heaven, it's beautiful. So is your Dragon Dreams one too.

jymisgurl said...

Those both look great! I love the new layout!

Scully said...

They both look fab so far Abi. Well done on your progress so far.