Tuesday, February 06, 2007

132 Days Left

I cannot believe I have announced it everywhere but here.


We were *really* hoping for a boy, but found out last Tuesday that we are having a girl. She's doing really well. Heart rate was at 156 beats per minute and very LOUD. She was moving around a lot during the ultrasound which meant a lot of pushing around the yucky gooey stuff across my belly as the tech chased her around to get pictures. At one point the little bugger was sticking her tongue out at us. It was quite amusing to watch though I was very upset that they were not able to record the ultrasound... even though I was told that I could bring a VHS tape with me and they'll record the whole thing. Girl who answered my recording question didn't realize that the machine at my doctor's office DOES NOT RECORD ultrasounds. Grrrrr.

I feel more and more movements now. Most of the time they don't really bother me... except for Sunday night when it felt like there was a mosh pit inside my belly. LOL. The restricted bending is a little bit frustrating. I won't be able to shave my legs soon. Ick! But over all, I feel fine. I never got morning sickness, don't feel nauseous. Some smells drive me nuts, but not enough to make me sick. I have a never ending NEED to eat chicken and almost nothing else.

I really should get T to take preggers pic of me... but that requires me finding the rechargeable batteries and charging them. And I have NO IDEA where I last put them.


Schokti said...

How exciting! Any ideas on names yet?

Abi said...

Hi Christine! :) We are thinking of a Japanese name for the baby. No, neither T or I are Japanese, but we like the name. :D

sugardoll said...

How cool!! Congrats on your new addition! Japanese names are sooo cute, infact, when we do have a little girl *in the near future* we have already thought of naming her Samara Fujiko. None of my family is japanese either (filipino & american here), but hubby and i are anime fans. Can't wait to know what you come up with. Good luck!! =)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Abi! Baby girls are adorable!!

Karin said...


Sharon said...

Wow! what exciting news. Congratulations.