Monday, February 26, 2007

Some shopping

T and I went to Michaels on Saturday. Their cross stitch section has really gotten smaller and smaller. But I was so happy that they carried Ginghers. I bought the 3 1/2 inch Lion's Tail Embroidery Scissors (in chrome). Its so pretty! This is my 2nd Ginghers... the first one I purchased from ABC, the 3 1/2 Epaulette. I must make fobs for them! I also bought some DMC Perle Cotton floss to make cording with.

In baby news, I had a doctor's appointment today. I now weight 105.5 lbs and the baby's heart rate is 155 beats per minute. My blood pressure is also good (can't remember what it was exactly) and I am measuring okay according to the doctor. I have to do the dreaded glucose test in 3 weeks. Yuck. Hopefully it won't be as bad as it sounds. I have to drink 50g... whatever that means.


Erica said...

Beautiful scissors. Wish my Michaels would sell Ginghers.

Don't worry about the glucose test. When I had it I had to drink what looked like (and tasted like) a big glass of orange soda. Then you have to sit and wait for an hour, IIRC. They then take some blood and that's it.

The worst part was being so hyped up on sugar! Took me hours to come down from the sugar high! ;-)

sugardoll said...

I love my gingher's too! Can't live without them.

As with the glucose test, hey it surprised me that they actually have different flavors, i picked the one that tasted like coca cola, who knows you may be given a choice too. It wasn't that bad, it just tasted flat, the only downside was you aren't allowed to eat about 12 hours before the test, rules..rules... And you know how hungry we get when we're feeding 2 people! =D

Anonymous said...

I love Ginghers, too.

Good luck with your glucose test - I'll spare you the sordid details of my first test :)

Schokti said...

The worst part for my glucose test is not being able to go pee for an hour! And with the added weight on my bladder that was shear torment. Be sure there is a bathroom near by for as soon as you are done! :)

Maree said...

I had no problems with the glucose test itself, but sitting around for an hour is boring! Make sure you have a snack afterwards, to stabilise your blood sugars; that made me feel a lot better. Good luck!

Monsoon said...

Just found your blog, Looks like we are due about the same time! I'm up for a glucose test in 2 weeks.