Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Old HDs Revisited

I was going through my stitching albums last night and realized how the camera and/or scanner just do not do justice to a lot of my stitching. So I decided that every other day or so I will revisit an old HD and try to take a better photograph. I've also been inspired by other bloggers who take angle shots of their work to show of the texture of their stitching. Very artistic indeed!

So here is Butternut Road's Provence Sampler designed by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum.

The top photo shows off the sparklies really well. I "disobeyed" sampler rules and stitched it on 32 count white opalescent Belfast Linen instead of a neutral or antique looking fabric. I stitched it with Caron Waterlilies Monsoon. I think I ended up needing 3 skeins to finish the project. It only took me 2 months to finish it.

I have a whole yard of white opalescent fabric in my stash. I was thinking of stitching Paradigm Lost on it, but I haven't decided on the floss color yet. Any suggestions?


Sweet Pea said...

What a lovely piece! And I LOVE the colors of the thread. Gorgeous stuff.

Von said...

This is so pretty! I'm a sucker for blue. :D

Susan said...

It's beautiful, Abi. I stitched this one in pink.

I like your idea of re-visiting your finishes - I've done that a little since I got a decent camera these days!