Monday, November 19, 2007

This Post Has Lots of Pictures

I admit, I get a bit crazy with the camera. I take pictures of almost everything. This post will have lots and lots of pics. I hope it doesn't take too long to load for you.


Two nights ago I decided that it was time to really organize my floss. I need a better system. I am supposed to have a complete set of DMC wound up in bobbins and stored in 4 bead boxes. The extra DMC are semi-sorted (1-599, 600-999, etc) and stored in ziplock bags. The special floss (Caron, CC, DD, WDW, etc) are in Floss-A-Way bags and stored in a plastic shoe box. Seems like a decent enough system except that while I was looking through my fabric stash, I found a whole bunch of floss. And while I was looking in the plastic tub where all my finished items hibernate, I saw more floss. I started an inventory system about a year ago in Excel and I know for a fact that it is no longer accurate. And so it began:

I gathered up all the floss I could find. There were bobbins and Floss-A-Way bags of floss from past projects that never got put back in the storage cases. There were used skeins from when I was too lazy to go look for the bobbin that was missing from the case. There were RAKs and purchases of special floss... it was a mess. So I started sorting slowly. There were fewer special floss compared to DMC, so I started there:

Caron Floss

Crescent/Cottage Colours, WDW, GAST

Dinky Dyes, Needle Necessities, etc

Then I tackled the DMC mess:

Once again, I sorted:

DMC Variegated Floss

DMC Color Variations

After that, I went through all the bobbins and put them in the proper case:

Then it was time to sort out the extra bits:

This will make finding something so much easier. I was too tired to finish sorting and I still have this pile left to go through:

The goal is to have all floss (excluding the ones that are set aside for specific projects already) sorted, organized and entered in Excel. I'm hoping I can get it done by the weekend.


Susan said...

Looks like you had fun organizing!

Jenn L said...

*sniff*sniff* blogger doesn't like me, I don't get any of the pictures in this post. And I was really looking forward to seeing your system! I'll try again later.

Wawanna said...

Good For You! Just a little more and you will be finished. Loved reading your blog and all the pictures, one can never show enough pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving!