Monday, November 28, 2005

No, I'm not dead

I'm not dead, just lazy about blogging . But today I'm back with lots and lots of pictures!

First of all, my very late bday prezzie piccies.

The flowers T got me stayed alive for a little over a week. They smelled really, really good and they were so pretty. The roses wilted before the other flowers did (I have no idea what they are). The other ones stayed alive for 2 weeks. They came in a pretty pink vase which I kept and is at the moment sitting in a cupboard in the basement.

I also got a whole bunch of Hello Kitty stuff. The Choco Cat pillow was something I picked out. It's so cute I just had to get it! Inside the tin box are a whole bunch of stickers, gel pens, colored pencils and stamps, all Hello Kitty, of course.

Next are the charts I got from The Needle Hive. I got A LOT! One day I'll be able to stitch all of them. hahaha. The Cross Stitch calendar I got at Media Play. It has yucky, stiff Aida fabric in it, but I figure I'll just replace the fabric. The designs inside are cute and simple. I like that it had the mat already. All I need is to find the right size frames. One day I'll learn to stretch and frame my own work.

I also got some lovely surprises in the mail. Sylvia sent me Dragon Dreams' Here Be Dragons, the JCS issue that had DVG's Lemons, Limes & More pillow chart and a lovely notepad. Recently, she also sent me another JCS issue with the Peach pillow chart in it. Yay Sylvia!

I also got Cross Stitch Gold issue #29 from Kati. Thank you Kati for filling a blank in my collection!

Ooh! And I almost forgot about a prize I won during The Needlework Show. I won 2 charts of my choice from Dames of the Needle. They are lovely and I can't wait to start working on Elizabeth Savilles 1841 Sampler.


Next up are Thanksgiving pictures! T & I stayed home and made our traditional Thanksgiving fare. The turkey was absolutely perfect. The skin was crispy, the meat was juicy and it was absolutely yummy! T stuffed it with apples, oranges, onions and all sorts of spices. Then he made a mix of softened butter, olive oil and spices and I had the wonderful job of rubbing it all over the turkey. Ick. It felt gross, but the results are amazing.

We also had acorn squash, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, green beans, gravy and two kinds of pie (pecan and pumpkin).


As for stitching, I'm still busy with my super secret project. I can't wait until its done and I'm finally allowed to show pictures!

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Scully said...

Hey Abi, that's a lot of birthday stash! well done to you and the Hello Kitty stuff is great :)