Friday, December 16, 2005

Dance With Me!

I finally finished my super secret project. Unfortunately, I can't share pics right now. Stay tuned some time February 2006 (I think). Not being able to post progress pics SUCKS. I love sharing progress pics. I love looking at them. I love receiving comments about them. I cannot wait to get permission to share.

So what else is up? I got a nice bonus at work. Whoohoo. Of course, it disappeared in the land of bills and responsibility instead of disappearing at an ONS or LNS. :P Oh well. I plan on shopping after Christmas.
What else? We've been getting a LOT of snow. I'm lucky I work for a company that cares about its employees getting home safely. We've been sent home early 3 times since I started in October. The first one wasn't a snow day though. A girl at work had her wedding Friday night, so we all got to go home early to have time to get ready for the wedding. The other 2 times were definitely snow days. I got to go home at 2:30 today. The snow wasn't bad, but it was nice to go home early.
Now that the secret project is done, what to work on next? I was going to work on Celtic Banner, but I think I'll work on Wildlife instead... OR do I start something totally new? Hmmm... decisions, decisions, decisions.

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