Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Guilt-Free January

In celebration of Guilt-Free January, I have decided to start Drawn Thread's Winter Into Spring on Monday. This is my first DT project. I purchased the chart at The Needle Hive in November. I didn't realize that I purchased a kit. I thought it only had the chart, beads and fabric. The other day, I decided to go through all my charts and voila! it had all the fibers too. :)

This is a relatively small project but still very challenging. I did my first ever Sprats Head Heart which confused the heck out of me and it had to be frogged and re-stitched a couple of times. I also did my very first set of Double Shell Stitches as well and Double Backstitches... and I'm only on the 4th band!

In other news, I have invited myself to two SALs. I am joining Dani and her friends in their Celtic Banner SAL. I also invited myself to Jo's Santa's Wildlfie Stocking SAL. The CB SAL is on Sundays and the SWS SAL is on Thursdays. I still havent' figured out a schedule for myself, but this works for now.

I received some of the fabrics I ordered from Silkweaver yesterday. I got:

  • 18x27 28 ct White Opalescent Cashel Linen for SWS (DH's Stocking).
  • 18x27 32 ct Light Sand Belfast Linen for Fox Hollow.
  • 18x27 28 ct Denim Blue Jobeland for Russian Nights (Cross Stitch Collection Nov. 2005)
  • 13x18 32 ct Flax Belfast Linen for I don't know what.
  • 13x18 32 ct Water Lily Jobelan - I forget what this is for too.
  • 13x18 32 ct Country Mocha Vintage Belfast Linen for Ye Olde Coffee Shop.

I'm still waiting for my Autumn Fields Belfast and my Cream Belfast. I'm also waiting for some fibers I purchased from Bobbie. I cannot wait to get all my stash and I can start all my new projects.


tkdchick said...

Your DT piece looks lovely so far, and its great being challenged by new stitches! I think its important to always be learning!

I've got stash coming in the mail too and I can't wait for it to show up!!! So I know how you feel!

Scully said...

Abi, the Oak sampler is looking lovely, as is the DT piece. I don't have the Wildlife stocking, but I do have the Santa's arrival one which has animals on it so maybe I should start that on Thursdays :)lol

AnneS said...

Your Drawn Thread piece is lovely - I love the different stitches they use, as it's both challenging and fun - and the bands are so small they just whiz along ... it'll be all finished before you know it! Look forward to seeing the progress :)