Saturday, January 14, 2006


This is my first finish for 2006!

I loved working on this project. It was a relatively quick stitch. It only took about 8 days to finish. I love, love, love this project. I learned so many new stitches. I really love all the details. I did make an error though. I stitched the vines in the spot motif using 2 skeins of silk instead of one. I didn't frog it because, a) I didn't have enough silk to do it over and b) I really like the effect of the thicker section. Also, I didn't stitch my initials. Instead, I just stitched my name. :)


Last Sunday, I worked on Celtic Banner. I didn't get a chance to do a lot on it though. I'm really hoping that I finish this project soon. I am almost there but I keep getting distracted by all the other projects that I want to start!

I used to be so good with following my little rules. I used to work on this one section/band at a time, now I've been working back and forth between the knowork, the square on the left of the knotwork and the band above the knotwork. Confused? I am.


It has been a productive day. I felt like doing something creative, but not necessarily stitching. So... I baked! Let me backtrack a bit... My DMIL gave me an old family recipe for Christmas cookies and frosting. She also gave me her Christmas cookie cutters, some even belonged to her mom. I felt so special. :) DH and I made the cookies after Christmas cause really, who has time to make Christmas cookies before Christmas? It was a lot of work and I bitched the whole time, but in my crazy, loopy way, I had lots of fun. Last Thursday, I bought some heart-shaped cookie cutters at Michaels and today I used my new cutters.


AnneS said...

Happy dancing along with you - your DT finish is beautiful :))

GOTHIA is LOVE said...

i miss eating the things you bake!

i gotta go visit sometime :)

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Great Drawn Thread finish. Congrats. The Celtic Sampler is beautiful too. And you bake too. Amazing.

Scully said...

Abi it looks beautiful! Well done :) The CB is well on it's way too and those cookies look scrummy!

tkdchick said...

Well you'll finish CB way ahead of me! those cookies look yummy!