Friday, March 02, 2007

March Goals

I have never set monthly stitching goals. A bunch of friends at the Needle & Thread BB do it and I thought I would give it a try.

1. Finish Project X (my model) - I'm almost done and I was SURE that I had an extra skein of 796 and now I can't find it. Must go to the store tomorrow and get the skein (among other things) and finish this one up.

2. Finish The Purple Project (Long Dog's The Token) - I'm so close to the end. I think it will be easy to finish it this month.

3. Stitch and "finish" a Spring Ornie

4. Stitch and "finish" a Christmas Ornie

5. Start stitching on A Touch of Wilderness for DH (I'm just waiting for my order to get shipped).

I think those are good goals and that I can actually do them.


In other news today, we tried a new-to-us Sushi bar at lunch. Two of the guys at worked passed by this little place called Sakura (surprise, surprise) and decided to try it. We tried looking them up, but they don't have a website. So instead of getting stuck on just getting California rolls, I decided to call and I asked them to fax over a menu to our office. Yay! They had teriyaki lunch boxes! Whoohoo! I have been dying for some terriyaki. The lunch box had a good amount of rice and beef, two slices of Japanese omelette, 4 California rolls, an assortment of tempura (2 shrimp, 1 potato, 1 broccoli, 1 onion) and a salad with miso dressing. It was soooooooo good. I loved everything except for the salad. It tasted very sour to me and not in a good way. But I was so happy.

In fact, I was so happy that DH and I ordered food from there for dinner. :) We got so much food! I had no idea that the dinner boxes would have that much more than the lunch boxes. The dinner boxes came with 8 California rolls each. We got the beef teriyaki and the chicken teriyaki. We also tried the AAC roll (avocado, asparagus and cucumber). It was amazing. We also got the shrimp tempura roll, more California rolls and the Sakura rolls (it had smoked fish, avocado, crab and other yummy stuff). No, we did not eat everything, but I know what we're having for lunch tomorrow. :)

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Karin said...

Ooh - the sushi is making me hungry! Glad you enjoyed the new restaurant.