Sunday, March 04, 2007

2007 - The Year of the Ornie!

I have been a total slacker and haven't bothered to post HD's or update my gallery. Shame, shame, shame. I finally got off my slacker butt and found the batteries for the camera (they were in the glove compartment in my car - how they got there I have no clue), and took pics of my HDs.

You can read the details in my gallery.

Not only did I finish my model today, I also finished Dragon Dreams' Morning Fairy! Yay!!! I think I will work on Long Dog's The Token aka The Purple Project next.


Christine said...

Wow, lots of great stitching, Abi! I used the Lizzie*Kate design for a spring exchange I was in once.

Sharon said...

great finishes-just absolutely lovely and your finishing is so very neat!

Susan said...

You're on a roll! Congratulations, Abi!