Thursday, March 22, 2007

Glucose Test. Ugh. Part 2.

I get a call from my doctor's office today saying that the results of my glucose test were high and that I will need to do the 3 hour test next week. Lovely. They have a script ready for me and the doctor will explain more when I see her on Monday afternoon. Great.

I get to be poked at least 4 times next week. I'm supposed to get blood drawn for my monthly Thyroid test and then the glucose test. I'm not sure what's worse, drinking the crap or getting stabbed by techs who don't care if they're hurting you or not.


Susan said...

I'm sorry you have to go back for the longer test. During my first pregnancy, I had to spend 2 nights in hospital on an IV because of the results... I hope yours goes smoothly.

sugardoll said...

Oh dear I'm sorry you need to go back. ((hugs))