Thursday, March 29, 2007

I *heart* San Man!

I not-so-recently discovered San Man Originals. The designs are so adorable! I joined the BB and so far I am having lots of fun drooling over everyone's finishes . Sandy gives out a lot of freebies to members, so come and join us!

Here is my first ever San Man progress pic:

It is called Oh Holly Night. Its part of the monthly SAL on the board. I decided to use GAST floss instead of the recommended DMC for a variegated and subtle look. I was originally going to stitch it over-one and make it into an ornament, but decided against it. I will instead find a pretty frame for this project when I am done.


In baby news, I will have my 3 hour glucose test tomorrow. I hope everything turns out okay. I will be stabbed four times. Yay me. You're jealous, aren't you? First stabbing will be before I drink the nasty crap and then a stabbing every hour after. My appointment is at 9am, so that means if I am lucky, they will see me at 9:30, finish at 12:30 and be at work at 1... Ooops, lunch first. So I will be at work at 1:30. Yikes! My doctor said to bring something to eat right after. She also said to bring something to do while I wait (don't have to remind me about that one!). I figure I will take a nap and then do some stitching. I *must* remember to bring needles this time! Can't stitch without a needle!

In other baby news, she let me sleep last night! Yay! Good girl! There was no body slamming, and no head-butting. I really appreciate that since I had major ligament pains this morning. It took forever to get out of bed to reach the alarm clock on top of the tv. I felt better after doing some very minor leg stretches though.


Rob said...

Target has some great maternity clothes. If you have one near you take a look.

Carolyn said...

Nice start on your celtic heart. How did the drs appt go? :)