Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Glucose Test. Ugh.

I know I whine too much. But it really was one big ugh. I set my glucose test appointment over a week ago for 9 am today. I dawddled too much and didn't get there until 9:12. Oh well. The tech didn't call me until 9:30. So she makes me drink 10 oz of crap that had 50 grams of glucose in it. Imagine cheapo, generic orange soda that was left in an open container for 3 days. It was sweet, it was gross and it left a funny taste in my mouth. The only positive thing was it was really cold. If it wasn't, I would've probably thrown up. I just did NOT like it at all. I had to chug all 10 oz in less than 2 minutes. Then the tech said I could wait in the other room. So I watched Regis and Kelly for a few minutes. Baby starts kicking like crazy and I get woozy. I had planned on being there for an hour so I brought a project to stitch. But silly me forgot to bring needles. So no stitching. Just as well since I felt woozy and it would have been a bad idea to stitch. I took a nap instead. I thought sugar was supposed to make you hyper? It totally knocked me out! I woke up at 10:45 and the tech are nowhere in sight. Great. So I wander around and look for the tech who made me drink the crap. She draws blood (ouch) and sends me off my merry way.

I will find out the results when I see my OB-GYN on Monday. Ooh, that reminds me. I need to set another appointment to get blood drawn for my thyroid test next week. Great. More blood work. It doesn't hurt, really. I just can't stand the thought of getting poked.

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sugardoll said...

I'm sure you aced it! =) I remembered that if you were not all woozy you are most likely fine, thus they send you home after drawing the blood. When i had mine done, there was another lady and they had had her wait there for 3 hours already, drawing blood every 30 mins. Yikes! Ouchy!